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Phone: 03 5261 2378



Address: 47 The Esplanade, Torquay,  Vic  3228

Torquay Bowling Club

One of the major attractions of bowls as a sport is that it can be played between men and women of any age and by entire families.


At Torquay Bowls Club there are sometimes three generations of the one family gracing the green at the same time. People with a physical disability can also play bowls.


The sport has a history dating back to at least the 14th century.


One of its most famous exponents, Sir Francis Drake, felt so strongly about the sport that he insisted on finishing his game before setting off to tackle the approaching Spanish Armada in 1588.


"Bowls enjoys one of the highest participation rates of any sport in Australia with some 500,000 bowlers of all ages playing the game through 2500 clubs Australia-wide.


For the registered travelling bowler, there is no shortage of venues where you can ‘have a roll'.


For the serious participant with high competitive aspirations, the sport has a strong state, national and international program and is one of the few sports featured in the Commonwealth Games.