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TELEPHONE:                0415 551 094 Liz Fowler Secretary


MAILING ADDRESS:      Life Activities Club Surfcoast Inc.,

                                              PO Box 242 Torquay Vic 3228


                                    OFFICE BEARERS - 2019/2020


President                                                          Cheryl Annetts


Vice President                                                  Annelies Gerritsen


Secretary                                                            Liz Fowler                                                    


Assistant Secretary                                           Vacant      


Treasurer                                                Joan Steele

Assistant Treasurer                                Robyn Soulsby


Membership Secretary                                    Shelley Bateup


Activities Co-ordinator                          Vacant

Webmaster                                                         Joe Annetts

Publicity Officer & Newsletter Editor      June Marks

Committee Members                                  

                                                                            Sandra Gillson
                                                                            Michele Jones
                                                                            Laurel Wieland
                                                                            Paul  Schulz

                                                                            Ana Ryan ( Past President)                                                                                


Delegates to LACVI                                          Graeme Perks 


 Contact can also be via:

 Torquay Community House:   

14 Price Street    Torquay

 Tel: 03 52 612 583





“Life Memberships may be awarded to a Member of the Club, whose contribution to the Club has been
both exceptional and sustained over not less than ten years.”
For the first time in our Club’s history, a Life Member Badge and Certificate were awarded. The presentation was made to Graeme Perks at the Club’s A.G. M. on September 17 2015 by LACVI State President Rebecca Luxford.
Retiring President Donna Symes had this to say about Graeme:
“People come and go throughout your life. There are some you remember for the wrong reasons and then there are people like Graeme Perks who you remember for the right reasons.
“I first met Graeme in 2007 after moving to Torquay, when I attended the LAC’s Thursday Walking Group. I was new to town and Graeme was very welcoming. As I got to know Graeme and his wife Pam I soon learned why he is such a special person to have at this Club.
“Graeme has been a tireless worker and an incredible member of the LAC Surf Coast over the past eleven years. He first joined the Club in 2004 and by 2007 was elected Vice-President, be-ginning his long and capable career of office-bearing duties.
“In 2008 Graeme established the Wanderers Group for caravan's and camper's. Their first trip was to Bright in 2008. Everyone knows Graeme is a perfectionist so we can only imagine the time and preparation that went into organizing that first trip. He continued to coordinate the Wanderers trips for several years with great success.
“In the early days Graeme also tried to form a cycling group. I’m not sure how long it lasted; maybe someone told him to get on his bike?
“In 2009 Graeme stepped up to the role of President. At this time he and his sidekick Peter also commenced as Club delegates to LACVI in Melbourne. They are still our delegates, attending three meetings a year. That’s six years and eighteen meetings, what an effort!

“Graeme continued as Club President in 2010. He was Secretary from 2011 to 2013 and has been Assistant Secretary since 2014.
“In addition, Graeme has been the Club’s coordinator for distribution of Spring Creek Newsletter for many years. This quarterly delivery sees Graeme pick up hundreds of newsletters, then drop them to six members for delivery throughout Torquay. Graeme does this off his own bat and always with a smile.
“There is no doubt that Graeme has given much service to our Club over the years and fully deserves recognition for his contributions.”