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Life Activities Club Surf Coast 











Why an activity club?

  • Experience and research has shown that the best way to prepare for and to enjoy retirement is to become involved in one or more interests, making new friends to replace the previous companionship of work-mates.

  • A Life Activities Club provides its members with a variety of rewarding and stimulating sporting, leisure, personal development and social activities to develop and maintain an active and enjoyable life style which the members enjoy in the company of friends and acquaintances.

  • Membership of a Life Activities Club is open to all men and women particularly those in the 50 and over age group, whether retired, nearing retirement or still in the workforce. 

 Still want to have fun and be active?

This could be the club for you.

Many people think of the Surf Coast area as the setting for a perfect lifestyle, the whole "sea change" thing. But that idyllic image is not always the reality for everyone.

The Surf Coast is a fast growing area, with housing and retail developments growing at a rapid pace, but it is not always obvious how to connect with the local community.


One of the many ways to help overcome this problem is to become involved in the local community and share experiences with other like minded people and in particular, join a club like the Life Activities Club Surf Coast who provide a wide range of activities.


So don't sit at home, make those connections and become part of the local community.

See the membership section to join.




Some of the members of the Saturday morning walking group 



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 A streets of Melbourne walk in 2017


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