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Singing for Fun / Sing Like nobody's Listening

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Why do we Sing?

Singing is Healthy-A Friday night Gym session. It gives the lungs a workout, makes us breathe more deeply and we experience a release of muscle tension as well.

Singing is uplifting-Burst into your weekend with a release of endorphins. Singing opens you up! The pleasure of making beautiful sounds together has you leaving on a high!

Singing is creative and expanding-Anyone can do it. We aim to make it successful and enjoyable for everyone while stretching our voices, bodies and minds to try something new.

Singing builds Community-Over many years of singing together our diverse and ever changing body of singers, from all across the surf coast, includes people of all ages and interests. Some have sung before, some have never sung before. Singing is something we can all do together. There is no room for the idea that some people are non singers. Together our voices contribute to make a whole that is so much greater than the sum of it's individual parts.

Blokes Too?-Yes, and you will not be alone. We have a strong group of male singers who regularly attend.

What do we sing?-A wide range of songs. Some familiar, some not,some upbeat, some moving, some beautiful,some fun, some from a range including jazz, blues, modern, traditional. Each night is a "one off" fresh and complete on its own - the songs chosen are easy and quick to learn, sound amazing, so we achieve immediate success and each month there is always something new to look forward to.

Let's create the old culture of singing together and


Fridays in 2017

24th February    31st March

28th April            26th May

30th June          28th July

25th August        29th September

27th October      24th November